The 2018 Blog Roundup: Our Favorite Posts

January 1, 2019

As we dust off the confetti on another year, we want to take a moment to recall some of our favorite blog posts from the past year. The world of marketing is always charging forward at breakneck speed; but for today, let’s pause and remember what we’ve learned together in 2018.


With more than two decades of hands-on experience in marketing and design, we have seen the trends that come and go. But sometimes a trend sticks and becomes more of a shift in thinking, strategy, and approach. We have seen a few of these shifts happening over the past year and unpacked our impression of marketing shifts in four major areas: design, video, social media, and search engine optimization. We also have a marketing field guide that is chock-full of wonderful insights and details that can help guide your strategy in the new year.


An industry that was once reserved for the pros is now open to anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection. But not all videos are created equal. This blog post unpacks the why and how at a strategic level while some of our other posts take a more tactical approach. If this is intriguing, be sure to check out our field guide that walks you through important information and practical exercises to bolster your digital marketing strategy (and that includes video).

And for a success story on the subject, be sure to check out this gorgeous brand film we created for our friends at Roots Flower Farm.

Online video continues to grow in demand and influence across all digital platforms. If you’re not leveraging video in your marketing strategy, well, what are you waiting for? 😉 Let us know how we can help you get started!


There’s no question that websites are marketing mainstays but it takes much more than a flashy website and clever url to actually yield a measurable ROI. If you’re thinking of giving your website a fresh coat of paint this year, don’t move forward without a strategy to guide your redesign. In a guest post by our friends at Wayfind Marketing, Founder and CEO Steve Phipps explains why a website without a strategy is like a ship without a sail.

Website design is our bread and butter, so we would love to help you develop and implement a strategy and redesign of your website. We have a free website redesign field guide that we believe you’ll find helpful as you begin walking through a strategic redesign. But if you want to shop around, we understand! Here is a quick checklist of questions to help you identify the perfect web designer for your next project.


There are significant changes to search engine optimization currently rolling out and even more to come in the new year. Everything from online business listings and Google My Business to the rise and impact of voice search, optimization is probably the fastest changing area of digital marketing. But of all the posts we’ve released this year, this one is our favorite for two reasons. One reason is that the post highlights the importance of SEO especially for small, local businesses (like many of our clients).

Another reason is that the facts in the post are presented in the form of a story. Early in 2018, we ran a series of posts on the importance of story in marketing content. And since SEO relies heavily on rich, well-written content to be successful, we believe that the combination of story + locally relevant + voice optimized content has the potential to yield unprecedented results. If you are hungry for more help with SEO, check out our SEO field guide designed to help you figure out how to bring these different elements into optimization harmony.

So there you have it! Out of a year’s worth of blog posts, these are our favorites  — with several honorable mentions 😉 Now we would love to hear from you – which blog posts were your favorites? Which did you find most informative or helpful to your marketing efforts? Is there anything you would like to see us write about in 2019? Let us know! We are always eager to learn how we can help you succeed in marketing.

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