The 6 Types of Videos That Can Help Grow Your Business

August 14, 2016

15 mins

Video is a fantastic way for small businesses to connect with customers.

Well-produced videos give off an air of professionalism, and according to Animoto, most consumers (56%) believe that every business should have some kind of video content available.

Not all video production is the same, however – in this article, we’ll go over 6 basic types of videos that can help you grow your small business, and talk about the differences between each type.

Branding Video

A brand video can be a fantastic way to connect with consumers. These types of evocative videos are usually focused on explaining the brand of a company – rather than the products that they sell.

For example, in this video by Apple for Beats 1” on Apple Music, they make use of a stirring soundtrack with footage of people around the world listening to the same song – emphasizing what the brand is about, rather than the specifics of their product.

Explainer Video

Explainer videos are a fantastic way to introduce a consumer to a new or foreign concept, or emphasize on how your product is different from other products on the market.

This post by Hubspot has some great examples of explainer videos – they’re usually quite informal, and involve the direct presentation of a product or a service to a customer, making them highly engaging and informative.

Product Video

Product videos are purpose-built to give consumers a better look at a product that they want to buy. Product videos are centered around promoting and showing off a product – its features, abilities, and special aspects that make it worth the consumer’s time and money.

By giving the consumer a comprehensive, in-depth breakdown about the features of a product, companies can connect more deeply with prospective buyers, and emphasize the benefits and the uniqueness of a particular product. Here are a few great examples of product videos, as seen on Econsultancy.

Interview Video

Interview videos are essential for good storytelling. Consumers don’t just want a polished look at the brand and corporate image of a small business – they want to become more intimate with small business owners and employees, and see what makes a small business more special than their monolithic, corporate giant competition.

There are quite a few different video production techniques and styles of interview videos, all suitable for different purposes.

Executive interviews can be a great way to help secure funding and investments, employee interview videos can be useful for connecting employees with their company, and interviews with employees about the products and services that their company offers – and what makes them unique – are a fantastic way to connect with potential customers.

Testimonial Video

Testimonial videos are powerful tools for any small business. It’s one thing to get a written review or testimonial about your product or service – it’s another thing entirely to produce a slick, well-made video about the experience that a consumer had with your company.

Consumers trust each other – that’s why 88% of consumers trust written, online reviews as much (or more) than personal recommendations from a friend or acquaintance, according to Searchengineland. This means that turning a customer experience into a testimonial video is a great way to build trust with potential customers.

Event Video

Event videos are somewhat more specialized, but can help you expand your audience when done well and posted on social media websites – consumers like knowing that the companies they buy their products from are active in their market, and attending the events and conferences that they would be expected to.

So How Do I Integrate Video Into My Small Business?

Start by consulting with professionals, like Cross & Crown. We’re experienced video producers, and can help with your video production needs, no matter what kind of sort of video you’re looking to integrate onto your website, or into your marketing strategy.

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