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The Best Nonprofit Marketing Agencies Have These 5 Things in Common

March 16, 2023

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If your nonprofit needs help with marketing, you are likely looking for the best agency to meet your organization’s unique needs.

Before searching for just the right fit, it is essential to examine what makes an effective and successful marketing partner so that you can select only those firms with a track record of achievements in nonprofit marketing services.

In this post, we will guide you in finding the best nonprofit marketing agency for your organization. Marketing agencies vary drastically across the board and choosing a team that understands the unique goals and challenges of marketing a cause is critical. Keep reading to learn what the best nonprofit marketing agencies share in common and how to find the best fit for your organization’s vision and mission.

What is a Nonprofit Marketing Agency?

A nonprofit marketing agency is a company or organization that provides marketing services to nonprofit organizations. These agencies work with nonprofit organizations to develop and implement marketing strategies that help them achieve their goals, such as raising brand awareness, increasing donor engagement and online giving, or promoting their services to the communities served.

Nonprofit marketing agencies may provide a range of services, such as:

  • branding,
  • website design and development,
  • video production,
  • social media marketing and management, and
  • digital advertising.

The primary focus of any creative digital marketing agency is to help clients fulfill their missions and visions for growth using relevant strategies and tactics. How these strategies and tactics flesh out will differ for nonprofits versus for-profit companies. So it helps to work with an agency with proven experience serving the unique needs of nonprofit organizations.

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What Makes Nonprofit Marketing Agencies Different?

Why hire a marketing agency with expertise in nonprofits? Consider this: One of the main areas where nonprofit marketing agencies excel is creating campaigns focusing on change and mission-driven work. Rather than focusing solely on generating profits, these agencies often strive to make meaningful and emotional connections using powerful storytelling techniques that move people to action.

Emotional impact is critical here because this is what connects audiences to brand values, such as providing vital services in local communities or championing particular causes. By doing this, nonprofits can effectively build support among their target audiences to best execute their ideals—which doesn’t exactly translate in the for-profit context.

Nonprofits need guidance and strategic support to promote their causes, raise awareness, and engage with potential supporters. A marketing agency with no experience doing this could lead you down an unwanted path. You need an agency that gets nonprofits and understands how to incorporate all the various strategies and tactics into one cohesive strategy that propels your mission forward.

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The Best Nonprofit Marketing Agencies Will Help Help You Thrive

Like it or not, marketing agencies without specific nonprofit experience won’t understand what drives your work and brings life to your organization. Marketing tactics may be similar, but marketing strategies differ significantly between nonprofits and for-profit companies. Here are some specific ways that nonprofit marketing agencies are uniquely suited to help you thrive.

1. Compelling Storytelling

The most important thing a nonprofit marketing agency can do is help a nonprofit tell its story in a compelling way. A good story will inspire people to support the nonprofit’s cause and will help the nonprofit raise more money.

Storytelling that moves audiences to action integrates brand messages, professional photography, videography, and graphic design. When researching and reviewing marketing agencies, ask to see examples of unique content they’ve created, both written and visual.

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2. Creative Branding

Your nonprofit needs strong visuals to communicate with donors and those you seek to serve. Professional branding will differentiate you from competing agency work and help your target audience readily identify with your mission and vision.

Look for a marketing agency with the skills and experience to integrate strategic graphic design elements into the work. Whether you need website development and design or help communicating your commitments to the environment and local community, you need a team that understands how to implement visual and written messages strategically and consistently across mediums to bring unity to your brand message.

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3. Powerful Digital Marketing

Nonprofits should make the most of every opportunity to incorporate digital marketing tactics that raise awareness, attract new supporters, and increase donations. This includes leveraging organic strategies such as content marketing and search engine optimization (SEO), as well as, paid advertising solutions such as applying for Google Ad Grants or other nonprofit-related digital advertising opportunities.

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4. Effective Social Media Engagement

Social media offers your nonprofit a unique opportunity to connect with your target audience in genuine and meaningful ways to share your brand story, increase engagement, and support the cause.

To get it right, partner with a nonprofit marketing agency that understands the nuances of social media and knows how best to craft messages that make an impact. With savvy strategies and compelling stories, any nonprofit can leverage social media’s power to effectively reach existing and new supporters— truly impacting their presence on the platform.

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5. Proactive Measurement and Reporting

Nonprofits need to track their progress and measure their results to see what is working and what is not. The right marketing agency will help you set up systems to track progress and measure results so it can continue to improve all of your marketing efforts.

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Are You Ready to Hire a Nonprofit Marketing Agency?

At the end of the day, nonprofits will benefit from working with marketing agencies that understand your world. An experienced agency can help you achieve your mission and positively impact your community by creating effective marketing campaigns that increase awareness, support, and engagement.

Cross & Crown is a creative digital marketing agency that serves nonprofits and community-minded businesses that want to make a positive impact on the world. We have years of experience serving a variety of organizations with unique goals but one common purpose—raise awareness and move people to action.

If you’re ready to partner with a team of professionals that truly understand what makes your organization unique, we’d love to chat with you. Let’s talk about how we can help you reach your goals and do more good.

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