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July 14, 2015


Known for its natural beauty, rich history, thriving agriculture, and outdoor recreation, the South Mountain region of south-central Pennsylvania is a gorgeous place to call home. We recently collaborated with South Mountain Partnership to showcase this breathtaking region as well as SMP’s vital work to conserve and sustain all that makes the area unique.

We started by crafting them a website that launched in January, a beautiful new online home that’s provided them a solid foundation to highlight their partnerships, broaden their outreach, and engage a collective conversation within the region.

But we didn’t stop there.

Our collaboration went a step further with the production of a video to raise awareness in a more dynamic and engaging way. Jon Peterson, director at South Mountain Partnership, shares:

We focused on bringing forward a theme that we’ve danced around a little bit, but hadn’t effectively embraced as of yet: namely, that the South Mountain landscape is our home, is the place where we are forming memories that will last our lifetimes…and thus is worthy of being conserved and sustained. The purpose of the video was to raise awareness and underscore that central theme/message. 

Building on the thematic tagline — “This is where we live” — we set out to emphasize a sense of home through the stunning natural, cultural, historical, agricultural, and recreational elements of the South Mountain landscape. The region intrinsically offers up a wonderful canvas from which to capture footage, and we were thrilled at the opportunity to gather some breathtaking shots with our quadcopter cameras. Our Director of Video, Ronnie Bingaman, spent a day scouting out the four-county region to identify the most ideal locations for the film shoot. He shares:

We wanted to tell the story of ‘home,’ and watching people grow up in the landscape seemed to be the obvious choice. We plotted out the general story of what we wanted our characters to be doing: making memories while living normal everyday life.

Once we got our overall synopsis down, Jon and I spent a day driving around the South Mountain area doing location scouting. We don’t usually have the time or luxury to location scout with the client, but in this case it helped a ton. We shot the whole video in one day: we started at 7 am, and shot in 6 different locations until 6 pm. We covered so much ground in one day of shooting this, and it simply wouldn’t have been possible without nailing down those locations in advance.

The intention is for the video to stir thoughts and feelings of home, heritage, family, and roots, all while fostering greater awareness and appreciation of the South Mountain landscape.

The end result?

See for yourself.

[inf_infusionsoft_inline optin_id=optin_15]

We also filmed a special behind the scenes video which you can see here

The final video was amazing, but we didn’t stop there. The graphics team design a postcard that when viewed with the Layer App would play the video in on the postcard. It is hard to explain so we shot a video demoing the process below.

We are so pleased with how the campaign turned out! With a strong working relationship and a foundation of mutual trust and respect, collaborating with South Mountain Partnership was comfortable, easy, and refreshing. The SMP team is so great to work with, and it was a genuine joy to partner with them on this video project.

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