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Top 3 Ways Video Can Boost Your Business

May 18, 2017

As our favorite high-tech gadgets catch up with our growing need to see the world in sharp, focused, full motion–film and motion graphics becomes increasingly important tools.

The world of online marketing is changing fast, and the only way to keep up is to fully appreciate the many benefits the web’s most dynamic medium offers to companies of all kinds. See the top three ways video can drive traffic to your site, and keep it there longer.

SEO success

When most content managers say “SEO,” what they are really talking about is Google. However, one point that is often overlooked is that more and more of the web is turning to video when searching for quick answers. When it comes to gaining a foothold in the new internet, the beginning and end lies in YouTube. Having a comprehensive SEO strategy today means being able to take advantage of this platform to its fullest.

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Standing out from the crowd

Gaining visibility on the online marketplace is about casting a broad net across a variety of search engines and social platforms. We know that hosting your video on YouTube already taps into a quickly growing viewer base, but it plays another role as well. By posting to YouTube, your content will appear on Google’s video search rankings, effectively doubling your exposure. And whichever of these entry points your new fans and followers find you through, strategically placed backlinks will serve to direct them straight back to your core website.

Quick conversions

The stats don’t lie. Video is proven to be the most effective lead conversion tool available to online marketers today. See what an impact it can make on your audience:

  • 1 out of 3 millennials have purchased a product as a direct result a tutorial or how-to they watched previously.
  • At least 64% and as many as 85% of people are more inclined to purchase a product after seeing it featured in a video.
  • Online viewers are much less passive than TV audiences, boasting a click-through rate that beats its predecessor by a factor of three!

Stepping into the next generation

We are long past the time when a company can simply design a website and expect new visitors to filter in on their own. To truly stand out, it is necessary to take advantage of the latest tools at our disposal, which can let us connect to new audiences directly, and build a following in no time at all.

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