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Video Marketing: How To Stop The Scroll and Get Your Customer’s Attention

February 11, 2020

10 mins

I’m willing to bet that your business is on social media.

In this day and age, it’s a no-brainer. In fact, many new businesses and organizations may create a Facebook or LinkedIn page before creating their first website. The primary goal of marketing is to get customers to pay attention to your brand and generate leads for your business, so it makes sense to have a presence in the places where you know they’re already engaged.

Unfortunately this is not as straightforward as it seems. The problem is that our social networks are saturated with all manner of content that your brand must compete with for your customers’ attention. The marketer’s challenge is creating and sharing content that will grab customers’ attention, stop the mindless scrolling, and give you their most precious commodity: time.

There are countless theories on what type of content is best to stop the scroll. We know that typically words alone are not enough to get someone to stop and actually consider what you have to say. Thankfully, a picture is still with a thousand words, so adding an image to what you’re saying always helps. But the real winner when it comes to online customer engagement is video marketing.

Videos have higher conversion rates than any other form of digital marketing to the tune of 90% more conversion than marketing campaigns without video.

And where are the vast majority of these videos consumed? Social media. Therefore, a social media presence without regular and relevant video content is not going to produce a strong return on the time you spend keeping up with your social networks.

But beyond social media, it is also critical to integrate video into your company website. Consumers expect to find videos connected with your products and services.

In fact, using videos to showcase your brand has the potential to grow your revenue 49% faster than foregoing video altogether.

(Here are a ton more stats like those if you need more convincing!)

Over the past few weeks we’ve been talking about services that we bet ya didn’t know we offer, but today we are talking about a service we’d be surprised if you didn’t know we offer: video marketing. We create brand videos and social media strategies that boost customer engagement for our digital marketing clients, helping them engage more customers and grow their social media influence.

Here are 4 examples of video content we have created for our clients. Which of these types of video do you think would boost engagement with your customers the most?

1. Brand Story

Connect with your customers on an emotional level with your unique brand story. Have you ever wanted to quit your day job and do something you love? Watch the inspiring story of two entrepreneurs who took the risk and went all in on making their dreams a reality. 

This is the power of brand stories. Hearing directly from the ones who are making it happen can strengthen a customer’s relationship with the people behind the products. Videos like these personify the brand and give viewers insight into the passion and heart that fuels the quality being served up for all to enjoy.

2. Story Telling

Simplify your complex message with creative storytellingOur clients do work that’s making a big difference in the world. Stories like these (and yours!) deserve to be communicated in the best possible way. A compelling brand video will convey your brand story and create an emotional connection that moves people to take action.

This video we created for South Mountain Partnership had a dramatic impact on their social media following and engagement. The impact was so powerful we developed a case study to capture the results. Ultimately, the video went viral, boosting website traffic and social engagement with comments and shares.

3. Video Testimonials

Share your customer’s positive experiences with video testimonialsCustomer testimonials are highly effective marketing tools that establish credibility and trust while shining a light on the benefits you provide to your customer. This video we created for Shalom Christian Academy gives prospective students and their families a first hand look at what current students, parents, faculty, and staff have to say about campus life at their school.

In addition to customer testimonials, employee testimonials can pack a powerful punch by giving customers an inside perspective on a brand’s unique personality. Here is a great employee testimonial we created for Memphis-based Patrick Accounting and Payroll:

4. Website Video

Make your website more engaging with website videoThe brand video we created for Appalachian Trail Running Company reached over 56,000 viewers in the first month. Customers said that the video helped them feel “more connected” with the brand and continues to inspire countless others.

5. Social Videos

Further your reach with strategic social videos. Quick social videos strategically shared through social media channels can generate significant traffic to your website through search engine optimization, paid advertising, and good old-fashioned word of mouth as people share videos with their friends.

We created this social video for Menno Haven Continuing Care Retirement Community that can be shared by residents and their families, furthering the impact of their online message.

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Which Video Is Right For You?

We have many more examples of videos we create to boost customer engagement for our clients. We know that there are a lot of options and approaches to consider. The best next step would be to schedule a meeting for us to walk through your current marketing strategy and evaluate the best type of video to garner quick results. As you experience the benefits of video marketing, we are sure you’ll want to do more!

Our team can help by overseeing the process of integrating video into your digital marketing strategy. Our video capabilities include:

  • Pre-production
  • Production
  • Post-production
  • Aerial videography
  • Motion graphics
  • Photography

There is a story waiting to be told about your organization—let us help you discover and unleash it for your audience.

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