We all love Google, But How Well Are You Ranking on the 2nd Largest Search Engine (and it’s not Bing)?

May 2, 2017

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Video sells. From CEOs to millennials, videos are one of the most persuasive marketing tools available to your organization.

In our fast-paced, multi-media dense world, our brains are hardwired to consume videos and other animated content. Consumers consistently choose videos over words. Why? Because it takes significantly less brain-power to consume a video than to read a paragraph of words (video is processed up to 60,000 times faster than text). Whether consumers understand why they naturally gravitate towards video is not as important as the fact that—for marketing—video works.

Want to get in front of decision-makers in the companies you are targeting? Use video.

It’s not just about Google

Google has created such a powerful presence in the search-engine world that people no longer “search” for information, they “Google” it. But did you know that the second most popular search engine ranking belongs to YouTube? YouTube now competes with Google for search traffic.

Want to know how to change a tire or care for herbs in your summer garden? Google has an answer, but YouTube shows you the answer. Not sure how to wire your new ceiling fan? YouTube has step-by-step video instructions. Want to test drive a 2016 Audi R8? You can see it on Google, but YouTube will actually let you experience the drive.

The stats on YouTube as a search engine are impressive:

3 billion searches are done every month on YouTube, which is more than AOL, Ask, Bing, and Yahoo! combined.

The power of video is so important in driving consumer behavior, that even Google improves your SEO rank if you use video and also has a separate tab just for video searches.

“Google also made a surprising update to Google Trends recently by including YouTube trending topics in the tool. This shows that YouTube search traffic is significant enough that Google needed to incorporate it to paint a better picture of trending topics and stories across the Web,” states Search Engine Land.

3 billion searches are done every month on YouTube, which is more than AOL, Ask, Bing, and Yahoo! combined.

Mushroom Networks demonstrates the reach of YouTube in the infographic below:

Created by Mushroom Networks

YouTube Marketing

Yet even with all of this information, organizations have been slow to adopt YouTube marketing as a potential marketing tool, states Didit:

“YouTube is the second-most popular search engine in the world. People searching for answers use it every day, and many marketers seem to be overlooking its potential.”

Not sure how to leverage video and YouTube to expand your online marketing? Contact us today to find out how!

For those brands that have gone “all in” with YouTube marketing, the results have been astronomical:


  • Old Spice sales doubled with their viral YouTube Campaign
  • Adweek named Sony’s Playstation YouTube channel as one of the 10 best brand channels
  • Dove’s “Real Beauty Sketches” campaign generated record-breaking online interest, yielding more than 114 million views the first month

YouTube marketing is so successful that in 2016 CEO Susan Wojcicki stated that:

“We reach more 18- to 49-year-olds [in the U.S.] during prime time than the top 10 TV shows combined.”

If you want to reach tomorrow’s audiences today, first, start with film. Then, make sure you have a presence on YouTube.

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