Why Video Matters Now More Than Ever

July 21, 2020

7 mins

This month on the blog, we’ve been talking about lessons learned and opportunities we’ve observed to keep your marketing strategy going strong. We’ve watched as businesses of all kinds have pivoted to meet new consumer demands and stay afloat despite the roadblocks caused by COVID-19.

We shared some thoughts on customer engagement and keeping the lines of communication open, as well as the importance of having a plan in place to prevent your marketing efforts from sliding to the backburner when times get tough. 

Today we turn our attention to video marketing. There was once an assumption that all video marketing had to be produced at a television-level quality in order to be effective. While there is an appropriate time and place for high-quality video production, current events have basically tossed that notion out the window. Smartphones with video capabilities make it easier than ever to shoot and share videos with audiences online and consumers are increasingly turning to video content to inform buying decisions.

It’s clear that video marketing is more important now than ever and every business must be planning for new ways to incorporate more video into their digital marketing strategy. In a previous post we shared a huge win one of our clients experienced by creating brand videos from home. We helped with scripting and editing, but the process was painless and the client saw a major uptick in leads as a result.

There are several ways you can begin incorporating more video into your digital marketing strategy. Here are a few ideas that may be a good place to start:

Use Video Engagement to Make Personal *Virtual* Connections 

We are watching some amazing stories unfold as leaders pivot their businesses and creatively respond to the limitations caused by COVID-19. The entertainment industry has been one of the hardest hit in all this, and it’s been fun watching “Zoom” versions of some of our favorite TV shows. Everyone from C-suite executives to kindergarten classes are using video to keep work moving forward and maintain a personal touch in lieu of actually connecting face-to-face.

The isolating nature of quarantine and required mask-wearing has created an increased demand for interpersonal connection and video marketing can help you accomplish this. It can be as easy as grabbing your phone and recording a quick video to share with your customers. Some companies are adding pre-recorded videos to their regular blog content to increase engagement. If you want something a bit more produced, you can work with a professional video production company (like us!) to help you find a more polished solution. The most important thing to remember about video marketing is that the video doesn’t have to be perfect to make a connection. 

Create a Regular Live Broadcast on Social Media 

Businesses and nonprofits are turning their attention more toward social media to keep current customers engaged and connect with new audiences. There are so many opportunities here to establish brand authority and build your reputation online. Live streaming services on YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn can be used in a variety of creative ways to spark conversations and connect with new audiences. Here are a few examples we have seen over the last few months: 

  • Churches forced to move weekly services online using social media to create a virtual “lobby” for viewers to connect with one another before services begin. 
  • A small business created a weekly talk-show format broadcast that is helping them win new clients. They invite guests to the show which furthers their reach and invites new audiences to join the conversation. 
  • A small nonprofit serving families with hospitalized children is using social media live streaming to interview the families they serve to keep the community rallied and connected. This also serves to keep the nonprofit top of mind as donors and volunteers have easier access to the families and hearing how they can best meet their needs. 

Most of the social media platforms make it easy for you to “go live” directly from your account. If you want to broadcast in multiple places at once there are standalone services such as StreamYard that will make that easy for you. A few advantages of StreamYard that you don’t get from the social platforms include the ability to schedule broadcasts in advance, invite guests to join the broadcast studio with you, graphic capabilities, and the ability to download the audio that you can use to create a podcast. 

Host a Video Training or Demonstration 

One of the reasons YouTube has become the number two search engine in the world is due to the rise of how-to videos. Whether it’s gardening or gaming, YouTube is full of instructional video content that can be monetized in a variety of ways, be it through advertising or building a lead list for the future. 

When it comes to producing how-to videos the sky’s the limit. A salon owner could conduct a virtual training on hair care or a plumber could do a demonstration on how to fix a common leaky problem. Most of our smartphones can handle the production of videos like these, and all the social media platforms offer ways to distribute the content. 

Another take on training and demonstration videos is explainer videos. These can be produced in a couple of different ways. We create explainer videos as a primary service area for our clients. Our explainer videos typically rely heavily on motion graphics as we use compelling imagery to explain complicated content. Another approach would be to simply set up a camera, hit record, and hash out a topic that is meaningful or useful to your target audience. 

We Are Here to Help With Your Video Marketing Strategy

There are many advantages to using video in your digital marketing strategy, but one of our favorite benefits is all the ways you can repurpose video content. A single video can be shared on all of your social media channels, on your website, in your email marketing campaigns, or even on landing pages to make bigger sales. 

If you need help incorporating video into your digital marketing strategy, please let us know. We offer an array of services that could be just what you need to make a bigger and better connection with your client base. We specialize in brand stories, website video, testimonials, and other creative storytelling devices that can help you communicate complex messages with a broad audience.

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