Within the past two months or so, Cross amp; Crown has found that a familiar question keeps popping up among clients (as well as others) in regards to what we are capable of doing (span style=”font-style: italic;”what our company can design/span). There appears to be some confusion, or for a lack of a better term, “mystery” to the limits of what we can do here at Cross amp; Crown.br /br /On our newly designed website (a style=”color: rgb(102, 102, 102);” href=”https://cacpro.com/”span style=”font-style: italic;”www.cacpro.com/span/a), we feature the main services that we offer in our a style=”color: rgb(102, 102, 102);” href=”https://cacpro.com//services.html”solutions/a section. However, we are not limited or bound to these specific services. In fact, we do TONS more … so much that our little flash application on our website can’t handle it all. So, for the first time ever, we will provide a lengthy and exhaustive list of all of the possible projects we are able to accompany you with. If we left something out, we sincerely apologize, however if you find something missing, you may have a tad too much time on your hands.br /br /span style=”font-weight: bold;”IDENTITY PROJECTS/spanbr /span style=”font-style: italic;”Logos • Identity Standards • Standards Templates • Complete Branding Strategy • Brand StyleGuides • Stationary Design • Business Form Design • Business Cards • Letterhead • Envelopes • Various Stationary itemsbr /br //spanspan style=”font-weight: bold;”PRINT PROJECTS/spanspan style=”font-style: italic;”br /T-Shirts • Billboards • Brochures • Direct Mailers • Programs • Magazine Advertisements • Newspaper Advertisements • Annual Reports • CD Packaging amp; Booklets • Package Design • Campaign Materials • Promo Kits • Tradeshow Graphics • Vehicle Graphics • Invitations • Sales amp; Spec Sheets • Post Cards • Flyers • Handbills • Posters • Environmental Graphics • Interior amp; Exterior Signs • Screen Printingbr /br //spanspan style=”font-weight: bold;”WEB PROJECTS/spanspan style=”font-style: italic;”br /Websites • Business Card Sites • E-Mail Design • E-Mail List Management • E-Cards • Banner Ads • Flash Books • Flash Intros • MySpace Design • Search Engine Optimization • Facebook Account Set-Ups • E-Commercebr //spanbr /span style=”font-weight: bold;”VIDEO PROJECTS/spanspan style=”font-style: italic;”br /Promo Videos • Interviews • Training Videos • Event Summaries • Wedding Videos • Podcast Editing • Music Videos • Custom Filmingbr /br /span style=”font-style: italic;”br /br /Whew, done.br /br //span/spanWe look forward to hearing from you, and to no more “You Guys Do That Too?”span style=”font-style: italic;”span style=”font-style: italic;”br //spanbr /br /br /br //span


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