Rylan on
I believe I have a different viewpoint on your last recommendation. When viewing Facebook's newsfeed, people are initially drawn to the name and the respective posting. The profile picture acts as a supplement. I feel to attract visitors to your page, a healthy amount of profile picture changes need to occur. Sometimes a status or link won't catch someone's eye, but if there is a picture with several people in it or something 'different' than what they're used to seeing beside your name, then they may proceed to investigate. So I believe your status or tweet is your book cover; they are your book title. I could care less what the author looks like in flap on the inside. My question is: is the profile picture THAT important? On an online dating site? Absolutely. However, on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook, a profile picture is secondary to the quality of posts that a user decides to share.
    Trevor Roberts on
    Content is definitely king. Having something worth saying and worth people's listening is way more important than a killer avatar. But I do think it's vital to visually catch attention in a positive way as well. I would agree about the Facebook timeline being different than Twitter. It's all about finding unique ways to capture interest, and that will look different for everybody. Out of curiosity - how often do you tend to change your Facebook profile pic? Your Twitter avi? Thanks for your input on this! Appreciated hearing your thoughts.
Rylan on
Well. First, after reading my reply...I was seemingly contradictory. wah. But, I don't have a set timeline as to when I need to change my profile picture. I typically just change my profile picture when I have a picture of me newly tagged/uploaded and I actually like enough to make it a profile picture. I tend to change my Twitter profile picture less, due to less traffic/audience.

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