Ashley Elizabeth on
MT= Modified Tweet - when you to fit the 140 character limit modify another's tweet and post to your timeline NP= Now Playing (oddly, I see this the most in tweets covering campaign events) TCOT= Top Conservative on Twitter - I have no idea how this one got started, and it needs to go away, but I have to deal with it while it's here. Lots of early political users to Twitter still use this one.
    Trevor Roberts on
    NP - Now Playing as in the song they are currently listening to? Interesting that you see that come up a lot in tweets covering political campaign events! How is TCOT used in tweets? I might need an example on this one! And I might need to start following some political people... I don't think I follow any!
Moe on
YBCYBYTY: You better check yourself before you tweet yoursef :) Similar to you: Twitter's creepy feature that shows you who is similar to you Who To Follow: Twitter's other creepy random recommendation engine.
    Trevor Roberts on
    YBCYBYTY?! Seriously?! That makes my head hurt. (And reminds me of TCBY frozen yogurt…) I agree on the creepy factor involved in the similar to you/who to follow features. Also, I don’t understand why the “similar to you” list is almost always people I already follow. No help there at all.
I've been trying to log onto my twitter account for 3 days now, however every time I type in my username and password I get a message saying: 'Twitter is over capacity'. It doesn't matter what time of the day or night I log in, I always get this message, sooooooo frustrating! Does anyone know how to bypass this??

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