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Y.B. Welding, a leader in metal fabrication, approached Cross & Crown seeking a holistic marketing solution to enhance its digital presence and showcase its expert capabilities. Specializing in welding, laser cutting, and press brakes, they invested in videography, web design, and digital marketing to elevate its brand and credibility in the digital sphere. Its commitment to precision, craftsmanship, and superior customer service translates into meticulously crafted projects, solidifying its reputation as specialists in custom metal fabrication.


At Y.B. Welding, the fusion of tradition and technology is more than a philosophy—it’s a daily practice. This metalworker’s specialized craftsmanship was brought to life on its website with engaging videography, immersing visitors in the world of precision metal craftsmanship. Capabilities are showcased on the homepage and individual service pages, emphasizing its advanced metal fabrication processes and expertise. This approach not only highlights Y.B. Welding’s skills but also serves as a gateway to exploring the full spectrum of its services.

"Cross & Crown was truly able to capture the vision and feel we had for the site. C&C is absolutely top notch in customer service, efficiency, and creativity. Very highly recommend to anyone needing a promo video or website."

Travis Hunksecker | COO, Y.B. Welding


Cutting-edge capabilities, sophisticated equipment, and a dependable team matter most in order to attract and retain clients at Y.B. Welding. Filmed on-site, the brand video offers a vivid illustration of the company’s metal fabrication expertise. An additional series of short clips were created for use across social media, web, and other digital platforms to enhance engagement—a multimedia approach that visualizes their commitment to excellence.

A Focus on Digital
Brand Presence

To capitalize on its new web design and video assets, Y.B. Welding elevated its organic social media presence with consistent, branded digital content. By developing a content calendar, paired with on-brand voice and visuals, this leverages company credibility, increases visibility in the digital landscape, and enhances user engagement.



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