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7 Ways Top Virtual Event Production Companies Shine

April 16, 2024

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Tyler Roberts

By Tyler Roberts

The music fades as the timer hits zero while participants eagerly await the start of a virtual event. The facilitator welcomes the participants to the class and launches a poll, displaying responses, before showing a video. The participants are then sent to unique rooms to discuss the video and meet their classmates. In the realm of virtual events, such seamless and engaging experiences are not merely by chance but are meticulously crafted by top virtual event production companies.

In this article, we delve into the realm of virtual event production companies, uncovering the key strategies and principles that underpin successful virtual gatherings. From harnessing digital platforms to mastering the art of audience engagement, these insights offer a roadmap to elevate your next virtual event to new heights.

Partnering with Virtual Event Production Companies

In virtual production, meticulous planning is paramount to success. A detailed blueprint of the event’s flow, goals, and desired ambiance provides a solid foundation, typically crystallized in a comprehensive run-of-show. This minute-by-minute schedule acts as a guide, ensuring seamless execution from start to finish.

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Pre-production meetings serve as invaluable forums to refine and finalize the plan, allowing for the anticipation of potential deviations from the schedule. Whether facilitators prefer autonomy in adjusting timings or delegate such tasks to the producer, a clear delineation of responsibilities is key. For instance, facilitators may opt to handle slide sharing while entrusting video playback to the producer. This proactive approach to planning ensures harmonious collaboration and flawless execution of the virtual event.

It’s important to understand though that virtual event production companies can vary in their level of preparedness. To select the right partner for your event, you’ll want to look for several key qualities.

7 Ways Virtual Event Production Companies Are Prepared and Proactive

In the dynamic world of virtual event production, top companies distinguish themselves through a combination of preparedness, precision, and proactive measures. Let’s delve into the core practices that set them apart:

1. Prioritizing Preparedness and Proactivity

Virtual event production companies excel at staying ahead of the curve by keeping themselves abreast of platform updates and interface changes. This proactive approach allows them to seamlessly navigate through any technical challenges that may arise during an event. From addressing participants’ prolonged camera-off situations to swiftly providing backups of essential elements like slides, these companies ensure a smooth event experience through preparedness and quick action.

2. They Know How to Create Margin for Flexibility

Margin is key in virtual event production, offering the flexibility needed to handle unforeseen challenges without causing disruptions. It’s important to prioritize arriving early to set up equipment and promptly prepping subsequent elements, enabling producers to address emerging issues effectively while adhering to the event schedule. When you have margin in production, something like a faulty internet connection or webcam can be handled without creating additional stress.

When producing a virtual event, always prep the next elements (such as a breakout room or videos) before their time slot. This allows for flexibility and frees up time to address other issues that may arise. It also allows the facilitators to be more flexible.

3. Virtual Event Production Companies Aim for Precision

In archery and rifle sports, there is a phrase, “aim small, miss small.” What this means for virtual event production companies is that they run as tight of an event as possible so that if or when things deviate, you’ll still have a great event.

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Adopting the philosophy means that virtual event production companies strive for precision in their execution. This meticulous approach minimizes the impact of deviations during the event, ensuring a seamless experience for participants. One way to accomplish this is through the use of shared screen timers to maintain schedule adherence, optimizing the flow of the event.

4. Virtual Event Production Companies Keep it Basic

In wrestling and many sports, it is emphasized to “keep your elbows in.” The reason is simple: the further your elbows are out, the easier you can be flipped or thrown off balance. In production, you want to keep things as simple as possible without taking away from the intended goals of the event. If it is a simple online meeting, then don’t complicate it with a video switcher and complex audio routing. Adding additional complexity just creates more opportunity for issues.

Simplifying operations is paramount to ensuring events remain focused on their objectives. By avoiding unnecessary complexity, virtual event production companies enhance the overall participant experience, ensuring a seamless and distraction-free environment.

One way to accomplish this when playing a video from YouTube is to remove ads by placing a dash between the ‘t’ and ‘u’ in the url. To learn more about this feature, visit

5. They Know How to Add Value

Virtual event production companies seize pre-production meetings as opportunities to suggest value-added ideas and discuss platform features that could enhance the event experience. Incorporating elements like instrumental music during breaks and organizing chat sections improves participant engagement and interaction, adding value to the overall event.

Many of the online platforms continue to add features and additional functionality. It is important to stay up-to-date with the latest features (sharing into Zoom rooms, etc.) and suggest their use when appropriate.

6. Virtual Event Production Companies Focus on Building Relationship

Collaboration between producers and facilitators is key to creating synergy and aligning event execution with the facilitator’s vision. Understanding facilitator preferences and adjusting support accordingly enhances event effectiveness and participant satisfaction, fostering long-lasting relationships built on trust and mutual understanding.

7. Navigating Transitions Smoothly

Seamless management of transition points is crucial to ensuring a smooth participant experience, even amidst unexpected challenges. Strategic planning and execution ensure events proceed seamlessly, masking any behind-the-scenes adjustments and maintaining participant engagement throughout the event.

A good example of this is how a duck in a calm pond can seem to be a peaceful scene. However, what isn’t seen is the hurried kicking of the duck’s feet below the water line. In production, the event should be as smooth and seamless as possible for the participants (above the water line), even though there may be a frantic pace of activities happening behind the scenes.

If something is missed, good production covers the glitches and mistakes so that participants don’t even realize there were adjustments made to the original plan. One important area to focus on is transition points. Knowing and having a plan for how one section is going to end and another starts can provide a smoother experience for the participants.

Professional Virtual Event Production with Cross & Crown

In conclusion, the success of virtual event production companies hinges on their ability to blend meticulous preparation with proactive measures, aiming for precision while fostering collaborative relationships. By prioritizing preparedness, embracing simplicity, and continuously enhancing value, these companies create immersive experiences that leave a lasting impression on participants.

As the virtual event landscape continues to evolve, adopting these core practices will be instrumental in delivering exceptional events that captivate audiences and drive meaningful results. Need help with your virtual event? Reach out to Cross & Crown and let’s talk about how we can help you lead more effective, intentional, and stress-free productions.

Tyler Roberts

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Tyler Roberts has over 15 years of live production and virtual experience. As a Media & Production Director at King Street Church in Chambersburg, PA, he oversees production and produces five weekly services that are live streamed to over 1,000 people each. He is also the co-owner of Cross & Crown where he and his team craft freelance virtual productions. Feel free to contact him at [email protected].

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