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August 15, 2012

We had the amazing privilege of creating a new website and promo video for T. Flo Photography, a fantastic local business. Tina Flohr is a brilliant artist, and we wanted to capture her fun, creative, and colorful personality in these projects.

We invited Tina to join us on the blog today so you could get a glimpse of her world, her new site, and her process of working with our firm.

CACPRO: We love your new website, but what do YOU think about it?

Tina: I LOVE IT! I love the bright color scheme and the chalkboard theme. I love that I actually got to doodle on the borders myself and I feel like my new website screams T. FLOOOOO! 😉

CACPRO: What do you love most about the site?

Tina: I love all of it! If I had to pick a favorite, the doodles would be up there. I’ve doodled on paper my whole life, why not add it to this site!? I love that it’s unlike any other photographer’s site that I’ve stumbled across. I wanted people to look at my website and think, “She must be fun!” and I think we pulled that off.

CACPRO: We strive to make the whole process as smooth, clear, and fun as possible. How would you describe your experience of working with us?

Tina: I would say “smooth, clear, and fun” is pretty on par for my experience with Cross & Crown. I’ve known “the guys” (that’s how I refer to the office) for a few years now. I started emailing ideas with Adam and Trevor, and then we set up a little brainstorming meeting. Adam knew exactly what I wanted! I’m pretty sure I was doing a little happy dance and high-fiving everyone after that meeting!

When we decided that we should do a video together, we did the same type of brainstorming and they created this RIDICULOUS video…I’m in love with that as well! It obviously speaks for itself…

T-Flo Photography from Cross and Crown on Vimeo.

CACPRO: How has the response to the new site been?

Tina: When I finally got word that my site was “live”, I posted a link on Facebook and immediately I started getting messages from complete strangers! Like: “I just looked at your website and I love the design… it seems to fit your personality!” HOW COOL IS THAT?? It was exciting to see that complete strangers could get a feel for me just from my site! Mission accomplished!

I also got a lot of messages from other photographers, which is very cool! You always want to be respected within your realm of work/industry, and I feel like the website was a big step in letting people know that I am serious. I take my work seriously, but I can have fun as well.

CACPRO: What do you love most about being a photographer?

Tina: I love that I can incorporate my love of art and design to create amazing lasting memories for people to cherish forever. I’ve been told that I connect well with people, and hopefully that shows through my work. I have yet to leave a session without making a new friend. I love that! I love it all. Period. Ok… Wait, I don’t love taxes, so I let my amazing accountant handle all that. Keepin’ it real!

CACPRO: In an era where seemingly everybody is a photographer, what sets you and your business apart?

Tina: I want people to look at my work and think of it as art. This business is hard though. I used to want to please everyone, but you just can’t. I want to please the people that seek me out, that want to work with me, that want to create amazing art for their walls. I want my clients to know, from looking at their images, that I spent time making sure each image is perfect. I want them to know they are getting the whole customized package from T. Flo. It’s an experience, not just a photo… I think that helps set me apart.

… … …

If you are anywhere within driving distance of Chambersburg, PA, T. Flo Photography is who you want taking your pictures! Tina is even offering a free 8×10 with your scheduled session if you use the code CACPRO at checkout. So get on that!

Go check out her site and
let us know YOUR favorite thing about it!
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