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Case Study: How We Helped a Local IT Company Communicate Their Value to New Communities

July 28, 2020

10 mins

Running a small business can be challenging, but what’s even more frustrating is spending hours—sometimes days—trying to solve technology problems when you’re not a tech person. As a business owner, you have a million things to do, fixing your computer problems shouldn’t be one of them.

One of our clients is working to relieve this pressure by offering outsourced Chief Information Officer (CIO) services to small and medium-sized businesses through the south central region. Here is the story of how we helped KirbTech build and execute a cohesive brand that communicates the range and value of the services they provide to their customers.  

PART I: Background Info on the Organization

KirbTech, LLC is a regionally managed Information Technology Firm serving small and medium-sized businesses in the heart of central Pennsylvania. Based in Carlisle, PA, this locally owned and operated small business strives to offer honest and reliable technical support for clients around the region. What started in 2007 as a one-man shop has grown into a fully staffed team of information technology experts working to provide the highest level of on-site, strategic, and on-demand IT services to businesses that lack in-house support. 

PART II: The Challenge They Were Facing

We’ve supported KirbTech from a marketing perspective for several years, but more recently, they approached us in need of help expanding and differentiating their brand to better reflect their complete suite of services. Because the need for mobile on-site tech support is in such high-demand, KirbTech quickly outgrew their original brand and marketing collateral as they acquired more businesses and added additional services. As the company grew, the branding and website didn’t really reflect their expanding capabilities. They needed our help refreshing their brand, revamping their website, and positioning themselves as a full-service outsourced CIO team. 

PART III: Our Solutions

To better showcase who KirbTech is as a company, we worked with their team on an overhaul of their marketing collateral. We started with a marketing audit, including client interviews, to better understand how the brand is perceived in the community in order to understand how best to build a stronger brand. With this perspective in place, we moved forward with the website redesign and rebranding efforts to showcase the professionalism and breadth of the team. 

Our solution for KirbTech starts with branding that showcases their capabilities and customer service. We started by building a new website that includes: 

  • messaging that thoroughly describes each core service area
  • revamped navigation, 
  • quick access menus,
  • fresh brand, background, and testimonial videos, 
  • trusted partner logos, 
  • a blog, and 
  • calls to action throughout the site.  

We built the navigation to move away from content focusing on reactive services (e.g. broken technology that needs fixing) to a more proactive message that positioned the company as a full-service team able to not only solve problems but offer strategic leadership. The new messaging conveys KirbTech’s capabilities to prevent problems and help their clients leverage technology to operate more efficiently in the long run. 

After messaging and navigation, we added depth to the brand by including testimonial and brand videos on the website. From pre-production to execution, we worked with the team to produce high-quality videos that support the brand with an in-real-life representation of the value KirbTech offers to their clients. The header video for the website gives visitors an immediate visual of what to expect from the KirbTech team and additional brand and testimonial videos interspersed throughout the site underscore the level of trust their clients have in their skills.  

Kirbtech-Brand from Kirbtech LLC on Vimeo.

With the newly revamped website and brand videos in place, we updated their staff page with refreshed headshots and staff bios to give prospective clients more insight into the team. We also worked with them to develop a positioning guide and training to help staff know how to speak on brand with a unified voice.

Finally, we applied the new branding to a local billboard campaign to build awareness around their added service areas and ensure that the refreshed branding was properly carried out through every possible touch-point.

PART IV: The Results:

From the initial marketing audit to the rollout of the newly improved website and brand videos, this project demonstrates just how important a cohesive brand can be to establishing a company’s reputation in a community. KirbTech is a business that moved through several iterations as it quickly grew from a small operation to a full-service outsourced CIO firm. With that kind of expansion it is imperative that the brand keep up with the change and fully reflect what the brand is becoming, from services areas and capabilities, to team culture and customer service. 

The goal of the rebrand and website refresh was new client acquisition. With these marketing elements in place, KirbTech is well positioned to communicate the value they add to small and medium-sized businesses by providing outstanding IT services to their clients.

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