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Case Study: How Creative Content Modernized a Grocery Store for the Next Generation

October 24, 2017

Part I: Background on Sunnyway Foods

Sunnyway Foods provides delicious baked goods, fresh produce, and a wide variety of grocery items at reasonable prices. They had tremendous success with traditional marketing channels such as print ads, in-store promotions, and television/radio ads and their presence in the local neighborhood was very strong.

We worked with Sunnyway in a “maintain mode” for about 2 years. They were happy with the results, but we wanted to push them to the next level. We knew their target demographic was getting progressively younger, and digital media was the way to capture and engage this audience. Sunnyway Foods has delicious products, competitive prices and a friendly staff, but we did not think they were representing their exceptional food and customer service quality well online.  

Part II: Their Challenge 

Sunnyway Foods has a variety of specials and specific products but no photo resources to represent their quality. Stock photos were not an accurate resource to represent their quality with, and stock photos tend to blend in with an already crowded food products space. Neither iPhone photos nor “do it yourself” photography represented their food quality.

With food photography to really impact viewers, it needs to be specifically photographed to look as good as it tastes. Doing this within the Sunnyway Foods environment customizes the quality to their specific location. This is what we wanted to provide for them. 

Part III: Our Solution

We approached Sunnyway Foods with a creative content proposal. It was clear to us—and soon became apparent to them—that staging their products and humanizing them would connect with the audience and provide a better return.

We set up a content strategy with Sunnyway focused on multiple campaigns. All creative content we provided to them was designed to enhance these campaigns with digital content. This included photography, stop motion and traditional video.

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We updated Sunnyway’s website with custom photography and used the rest for their digital campaigns on Facebook.

Part IV: The Results

As anticipated, user engagement increased when Sunnyway Foods implemented our creative content strategy. Some posts reached more then 300 likes organically and over 40 shares. This translated to more activity in store and improved sales.

We continue to create creative content to enhance their social media and marketing, and our entire team is involved with finding new creative ways to build upon and expand the Sunnyway Foods brand. 

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