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Create Inspiring Experiences Online With Quality Imagery & Interactive Content

Anyone who ever took a semester to study abroad in college can attest to the fact that immersive learning experiences are meaningful, memorable, and make a significant impact on the student. Experiences that take learning beyond the textbook or classroom may even change the entire trajectory of a student’s life. Today we’ll highlight a Washington, DC nonprofit client who is in the business of creating these inspiring experiences.

Inspire offers immersive, Christ-centered, Bible experiences that deepen faith through guided tours of the Museum of the Bible and other sites of Christian heritage throughout the Washington, DC metro area. The goal of these tours is to make the Bible more accessible, enjoyable, and transformational for people of all ages. By partnering with churches, school groups, and other organizations, Inspire creates experiences that make learning the Bible more meaningful, memorable, and impactful to the learner.

The leadership of Inspire enlisted us to create a website that fully reflected the high-quality, immersive experiences they offer tour groups. Various opportunities for guided tours abound in Washington, DC, so it was crucial to create an online presence for Inspire that differentiated their experiences from the others around town.

Their focus is on bringing the Bible to life, so we utilized creative displays of content and other biblical artifacts to convey the authenticity of the experience. The navigation clearly directs visitors where to find answers to their questions, information on events, and an online form to begin the booking process. Inspire is a 501(c)(3) so we built a donate page so people can support their mission and included that button in the primary site navigation.

We also incorporated multiple ways for site visitors to connect with the organization, either through social media channels or by signing up for their electronic newsletter.

Creating Virtual Ways to Inspire Experiences

We started working on the Inspire website early in 2020, then COVID-19 hit and tours came to a halt. As a result, the focus of the website shifted to include online experiences for future groups to engage with remotely. Our solution included an interactive element where website visitors could easily navigate between choices to read, listen, or watch content populated on the site through blog posts, podcasts, and digital videos.


The idea behind this interactive section was to create an inviting and immersive online experience that reflects the quality of the in real life experience Inspire will offer to groups when travel restrictions are eased. While this may not have been the original intent of the Inspire website, it certainly adds to the overall digital experience they’re offering to groups by providing multiple ways to engage with content similar to what they would cover on the guided tours. This also gives interested customers a taste of what they can expect if the book a guided tour in the future.

Emphasis on Interactivity and Functionality

The Inspire website results in an overall digital experience that showcases who they are as an organization. By combining qualities of interactivity and functionality across the website, visitors can see the caliber of experience groups can expect when they book a tour.

The final product resulted in a highly visual experience that makes it easy for visitors to understand who they are and what they do, how to book an experience, and ways to stay connected with the organization.

This was a fun project to work on because of the variety of visual elements we had to work with. Website imagery is critical to effectively communicate your brand story—especially when what you offer is high experiential. Coupled with the easy access to interactive content, people interested in booking an Inspire experience will have everything they need to plan for a meaningful and memorable tour of our nation’s capital!

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