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How to Use Facebook Ads for Your Business or Nonprofit

March 7, 2017

With 1.18 billion daily active users and the possibility of targeting your customers without draining your budget, Facebook advertising can generate significant sales opportunities for any business. However, most small businesses are not actively involved in Facebook marketing because they find it too complicated. Before Facebook monetized its platform, “ads” were essentially free because the “ads” were simply Facebook posts. Though you have to pay for advertising on Facebook now, the return on investment (ROI) on Facebook is better than other paid outlets. It’s worth it to give Facebook Ads a shot!

Here are the why’s and how’s about Facebook Ads so you can start using them for your business or nonprofit.

For starters, let’s clarify the difference between a Facebook Post and a Facebook Ad:

  • A Facebook post or “status update” is an feature that allows users to enter content onto their personal wall or page that then is shared with all of their friends or followers. This update then shows up in the news feed of their friends and followers. Status updates, on average, only reach a fraction of your followers (16% according to Facebook).
  • A Facebook Ad is an advertisement created by a business on Facebook that’s served up to Facebook users based on user activity, demographic information, device use information, advertising and marketing partner-supplied information, and off-Facebook activity.

Why Use Facebook Ads for Your Business?

Besides the fact that most of your audience is probably on Facebook (the average American spends about 40 minutes on the social media network), Facebook marketing allows you to easily find new qualified leads. Their extensive targeting options include numerous variables, such as location, age, gender, demographics, behavior, as well as other qualifications. Based on variables that you control, you are able to put your business in front of specific, often motivated, prospects.

Another great benefit of marketing on Facebook is that it is inexpensive. The average Facebook advertising revenue per year was $8.26 in US and Canada while the estimated cost per click was just $0.8 for the age group 13-24 and $0.11 for the age group 25-34.

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Different Types of Ads

Let’s look at the various types of ads that Facebook offers:

  • Clicks to Website: this type of Facebook ad allows you to link to a specific page on your site.
  • Website Conversions: if your goal is to send prospects to a specific web page and convert them into leads, subscribers, or sales, then this type of Facebook ad is right for your business.
  • Page Likes: this type of Facebook advertising allows you to target audience segments that might be interested in your business. When they “like” your page, they will then be exposed to any content that you post on your page.
  • Page Post Engagement: use page post engagement ads if you want to increase the number of likes, shares, and comments on your business Facebook page.
  • Event Promotion: this type of ad allows you to promote and secure more exposure for an upcoming event for your business.
  • Offer Claims: this type of ad will drive people to your web store using special offer incentives.
  • Video Views: when you are trying to increase engagement of a specific video on your Facebook page, this is the correct ad to use.
  • Premium Ads: if you want your ads to show at the top of the news feed, then use the premium ads to increase your ranking.

Primary Facebook Ads Formats (with Examples)


Facebook Layout

Desktop News Feed Ads (1)
When you want your ads to show up simply as native advertising, then this format will appear directly in your prospects’ News Feed. Although more expensive, these ads have a higher engagement rate than right column ads. These look just like the rest of the content on the news feed.

Right Column Ads (2)
Right column ads are the most popular type of Facebook ads. They appear on the right side of your prospects’ News Feed and typically include a special offer.

Mobile News Feed Ads
Similar to the News Feed ads, this type of advertising appears on a user’s mobile feed.

Facebook Advertising Best Practices

Once you’ve selected the ad type you want to use, keep in mind the following best practices for creating your Facebook ad.

  • Make Each Ad Visually Appealing: Visual ads are more engaging and more likely to be remembered than text ads. Use compelling images relevant to your business/product to increase engagement.
  • Make Each Ad Relevant: Relevancy is the key to success when it comes to Facebook advertising. Relevancy means that the ads are targeted to your potential customer’s needs and likes.
  • Include a Compelling Value Proposition: Tell prospects how you are different from your competition by offering a value proposition. Are your potential customers in college and on a budget? Include a 15% discount ticket for your pizza.

It doesn’t take a lot of money to attract more customers using Facebook Ads, but it does take a strategic, relevant approach.  If you are new to Facebook marketing and need help coming up with the right strategy, we can help you. Contact us and let’s discuss your needs and goals.

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