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Why We Blew Up Our Website and Started Over

October 3, 2017

How do you know when it’s time for a new website?

There are a variety of reasons why a business or nonprofit might benefit from a new website (you can find three of those reasons in a previous blog post). So you might wonder how a company like ours that designs and develops websites decides when it’s time for our own site to get redesigned. We’ll walk through the process with you.

The first thing we did was ask ourselves a lot of questions, including the following:

  1. Does our site accurately reflect who we are today?
  2. Are all of our services included or have we added new ways to help clients?
  3. Is the design of the site consistent with current design trends?
  4. Can we make it easier to use and navigate?
  5. Have website user expectations and needs changed?
  6. Are people navigating websites differently now than they did a few years ago?

As a result of this process we identified the following primary reasons for redesigning our site:

Share more client stories

We get to work with a lot of great business and nonprofits all around the country and we love to tell their stories. Whether we’re helping clients by designing a logo, crafting a new website, filming an event, or launching a marketing campaign, we want to share more of who are clients are and how they are impacting their customers, employees, and communities.

Tell our new story

Over the past few years we have expanded our services and capabilities. We love helping our clients succeed, but our old site didn’t tell the full story about Cross & Crown. Our new site helps tell that story more clearly and showcases more of how we can help our clients by more clearly explaining what we do and how our clients can be better at what they do as a result.

Provide you with additional resources

You have questions. And we wanted to do more to help find answers. Our new site features a variety of new resources – Field Guides – which you can find on each of our service pages (design, marketing, film).

Showcase the latest in user experience and design trends

Our previous site launched in 2014. In some arenas, that wasn’t a long time ago. In the world of websites and all-things-digital, that’s a very long time. Think in terms of dog years. Design trends and user expectations have changed so it was important for us to be in line with both.

What’s next?

We will continue to work on our website. We will continue to review Google Analytics and website heatmaps to see how the site is being used and to look for ways to make it better and easier to use.

Resources for you

As we have gone through this process ourselves, we have created several resources for others who will be going through a site redesign or who may be considering it. Here are several blog posts we’ve written and a link to our website field guide which is a very thorough guide to the redesign process.

Blog posts

Do you have questions? We can help. Give us a shout, send an email, fill out our snazzy new contact form, or send a pigeon. We would love to hear more.

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