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2020 Year in Review

January 6, 2021

5 minutes

While the calendar has already officially changed, and the year 2021 has made its appearance on a number of documents, we’re still here piecing together our Year in Review in a semi-desperate attempt to wrap up 2020 with a bow, even if it’s not the prettiest bow in all of the land.

In the midst of children crawling all over us as we tried to work from home, periodic onslaughts of time-sensitive work, and constant uncertainty, our team was incredibly grateful for one major thing – we were able to continue to work. Not only that, but we managed to celebrate new beginnings in many forms – from new babies, to new houses, and of course, new branding, websites, digital marketing clients, and videos.


What a hopeful beginning! Our Project Manager, Shelly, and her husband welcomed their first child on New Year’s Day, which also meant our Digital Marketing guru Lizzie took on her new role as Project Manager that very same day. We worked through one of our busiest meeting months of the year, completing and pushing live two new brand designs as well as two new websites!

Brand Design

Rick Ribeiro | RemaxClassic Cookers Logo

Website Design


We continued on in a promising fashion. This month was allll about work. Three new brands were brought to life, and four new websites were pushed live!

Brand Design

The Crossing Shippensburg First Church of God TheoLingo LogoLighthouse Church of Hope logo

Website Design



And the whole U.S. said, “Um, WHAT?!”

Our team members all made the move to working from home, welcomed enthusiastically by remote Project Managers, Lizzie and Shelly. We took a beat and attempted to make plans for the coming months, only to realize the best plan was, well, no plan. We cranked out more alert bars on our client’s websites than we have done in all of our years of business combined (well, I mean it felt like it) but also still managed to produce a new brand design for Royal Tree Lodge and push the new website for Candoris Salesforce live.

Royal Tree Lodge Logo

Teammates Bekah and Monty celebrated work anniversaries (1 year and 4 years, respectively) and we all mourned the fact that Undone Komboucha was now on tap at the office…with no one present to enjoy it.


Proving that the world didn’t come to a complete halt, our web team launched SEVEN new websites in April, while simultaneously installing more than 25 alert bars on client websites. Who says working from home is unproductive?


We’re pretty sure this is right about the time all of the months began to just sort of blend together. If it weren’t for this recap, it may still feel like just one giant year, to be honest. But by looking at our records, we can tell you that this month involved a lot of work with church clients who were working to figure out better ways to stream their services. We released a Roku/AppleTV app and customized it for a couple of congregations.

Concurrently, we delivered a new brand for All Points Leadership and launched three new websites for Pennsylvania Parks and Forests Foundation, KirbTech, and Rotz & Stonesifer.

All Points Leadership Logo

On a personal level, all of the guys in the office spent SO much time at home that they had to face the inevitable Honey-Do list. Their wives rejoiced as watched it shrink – making plenty of room for new to do’s. 😉


In a desperate attempt for some normalcy, our team attempted mini-vacations, rediscovering the charm and adventure South Central PA has to offer. Inspiration can’t help but strike when you’ve spent hours staring at design, coding and video for excellent organizations such as the Pennsylvania Parks and Forests Foundation.

The outdoor breaks clearly proved to increase productivity as our powerhouse team delivered 4 new brands and launched 4 new websites during this 1 month.

Brand DesignGarden Homes at Autumn Oaks Roland Builder Creatures Great & Small Veterinary Hospital Chambersburg PennsylvaniaGentlemen's Bands logo

Website Design


After one heck of a productive June, July gave the team an opportunity to breathe. Outdoor excursions continued even as temperatures rose, and we celebrated 2 years of Lizzie and 3 years of Grace at Cross & Crown! But let it not be said that nothing work related came out of July – the new brand for The Family Center was completed, even as other projects continued in production.

The Family Center Logo


August started out with a bang as we celebrated 15 years of our Creative Director, now Chief Creative Officer,  Joel Davis. Joel was the first employee hired and during his 15 years he has  influenced the creation of more than 750 websites and 350 new brands – clearly, he’s invaluable.  

Between toasts of coffee and kombucha, finally enjoyed in office, we delivered a new brand for Ideal Business Solutions and launched a new website for Benchmark Building Enclosure.

Ideal Business Solutions logo


As school resumed and kids continued to learn from home, the team members that were able to make it into the office relished the opportunity for both silence and distance – thanks to our spacious (relatively new) office.

Silence and distance proved to be the recipe for success this month as we finalized 3 new websites:

In case you haven’t noticed yet, we made a big deal out of work anniversaries this year – a trend we aim to continue here in 2021 because it was just so much fun! In September, we celebrated 5 years of Ben, our Lead Videographer. His creative eye has done us proud since the day he arrived!


The awkward “So do we still Trick-or-Treat?” question was asked  – one which we successfully side-stepped by instead celebrating Mike (3 years), John (6 years) and Chrissy (5 years) all month long.

In between all of the partying we managed to eek out two new websites – Elite Worldwide and a landing page for Harper Collins.


Just as we thought things might be getting back to some semblance of “normal,” well, November happened.

But by now you now – the crazier the month, the more our team seems to be able to produce.

Brand Design

Trinity Preparatory School logoLife For Kids logo

Website Design

And, the big kahuna for us personally this month, the brand new!

Oh but we didn’t stop there. Managing Partner Trevor Roberts welcomed his 4th child, a sweet little girl named Scotlyn Grace, and Shelly celebrated her 5 year anniversary with the team.


December was not to be left out and began with another big work-a-versary as we celebrated a decade of Adam Swisher. If you missed it earlier this month, be sure to take some time to walk through our favorite Adam Swisher originals from the last 10 years. We are so blessed to have an artist of his caliber creating and collaborating on behalf of our clients.

And before we poured the eggnog, (hey, we like our beverages around here) we launched new websites for Hope Inspire Love and All Points Leadership.


Despite our playful tone throughout this post, we acknowledge that this has been an incredibly difficult year for so many. We are counting our blessings and thanking God that we are able to write a relatively cheerful year-end review in light of the suffering and pain being experienced around the world. Our prayers are with those who have lost more than we can imagine, and our promise is to continue doing everything we can to faithfully serve our clients, our families, our friends, and our communities as God continues to provide the opportunities, the means, and the strength to serve.

This company would not exist apart from our amazing clients who trust us to creatively convey their brand promises through every season and stage. It’s our privilege to serve you. We raise our glasses in your honor as we look forward to a new year full of hope.

Happy New Year!

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