Case Study

Case Study: How to get your customers to fall in love with your product

September 11, 2018

Part I: Background info on the organization

Roots Flower Farm is a local, family-owned business in South Central Pennsylvania that grows and forages fresh cut flowers that are naturally raised and selected based on their ability to thrive in the region. Everything they sell is grown on their farm and the offerings change month to month based on what is in season. Their client base ranges from people planning weddings and events to DIY and other special occasion customers.

What started as a small garden has evolved into a thriving small business including a 10-acre farm providing flowers for more than 20,000 supermarket bouquets and 100 weddings and events annually. Even with such growth, they continue to stick to their roots and celebrate the natural beauty of every season in South Central Pennsylvania.

Part II: The challenge they were facing

Roots Flower Farm stands out among other flower providers in the timing and type of flowers they offer. All of their bouquets and arrangements are created using only what is grown on the farm; creating unique designs that are fresh, lush and local to the region. This thriving small business has good relationships with locally owned and operated grocery stores and a growing reputation in the wedding industry but they wanted to find a way to better communicate their farm to table approach to customers who are looking for a truly unique floral experience.  

Part III: Our solution(s)

We met with Roots Flower Farm owners Michelle and Mike Elston and their team to better understand their brand differentiators and agreed to zero in on the small, day-to-day aspects of their process that accentuates their farm to table technique. Our solution was a brand video that demonstrates their commitment to their South Central relationships, roots and reputation for one of a kind designs. We went through a strategy and planning session to make sure all details were accounted for then scheduled a full day of filming to capture everything from 5:30 am until dinner time.

Part IV: The Results

Once we nailed down the approach, filming and post-production were a piece of cake. With a product this beautiful, the visuals truly do speak for themselves.

By The Numbers (In the first 3 days)

  • Over 10,000 views
  • Over 75 shares
  • Over 40 comments
  • Over 200 Likes

We were very pleased with how this brand video turned out, but we are even more pleased that our customers loved it, too. Here’s what the Elstons had to say about the final product:

“It is just what I was imagining AND so much more!  There is nothing I’d change about it and I can’t wait to share this with the world!”

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