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Case Study Part II: Online Learning Keeps Business Moving Forward

January 26, 2021

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Businesses that are looking for creative ways to connect with customers online should consider the benefits of building a customized learning management system (LMS). One of the most significant impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic is how it forced companies and organizations to figure out how to pivot their business to reach new customers and maintain momentum. With an LMS in place, businesses can continue fostering relationships with customers as well as offer opportunities to stay connected while physically distanced.

You may not know that we’ve built multiple LMS solutions that have helped our clients grow their business. While it’s one of our lesser-known services, we have extensive experience creating LMS environments for businesses, schools, and nonprofit organizations. As such, we have seen first-hand how effective an LMS can be and wanted to highlight a recent LMS success from our client Elite Worldwide.

Elite offers training, coaching, and events for the automotive repair industry. We were in the middle of working on Elite’s website redesign when COVID began grinding many things to a halt. As it became clear that face-to-face training and in-person events would be indefinitely on hold, Elite came to us looking for solutions to pivot their business to keep in step with social distancing while continuing to help shop owners build more successful and profitable businesses.

The Problem

Much of Elite’s business is conducted in-person, so they needed a way to transition their rich library of content onto a digital platform. While the consequences of COVID-19 may have been the impetus for this change, delivering this content digitally would help expand Elite’s reach by giving even more shop owners access to on-demand training they needed without taking their sales teams away from their daily work.

After receiving countless requests for online training, Elite asked us to help them create a LMS that matched the high quality of their in-person offerings. The idea was to create a web-based system that allowed automotive repair shop owners and their employees access to training 24/7/365. The system needed to be easy to navigate, with a clean layout, and options for small and large shops to create training profiles, check their employees’ progress, and assess the outcomes.

The Solution

We worked with Elite to create a custom LMS to facilitate more connections and continue fostering the work they do through a digital online learning environment. Leveraging the functionality of the LearnDash online learning platform, we built Sales Master University, a customized solution with advanced functionality to meet the evolving needs of Elite Worldwide and their clients.

The LMS we built for Elite functions like a website, making it intuitive and user-friendly for their clients. The site design is clean and clear, looks great across all devices, and offers all the custom functionality behind the scenes that Elite needs to track progress and continue delivering superior content to their customers. Because we built Sales Master University concurrently with their new website, we were able to maintain the overall presentation of the branding and design between the main company website and the LMS website.

Elite World Wide LMS

Sales Master University now serves as the online hub for all of Elite’s virtual training opportunities, offering clients access to both existing and new training and coaching opportunities on a regular basis. For a low monthly fee, customers are able to create an account, log in, build profiles and teams, access a huge library of sales training videos, and complete assessments to track their progress.

Elite World Wide Classes

Replicating the high caliber services Elite offers in person in an on-demand library of content enables the company to continue moving forward—despite the pandemic—and reach new audiences that may not have the ability to participate in live training or events.

Elite World Wide Training
How could a custom LMS innovate your business in 2021? We would be glad to answer any questions you have about learning management systems and help you implement more opportunities to connect with your clients virtually. Schedule a meeting with us!

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