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Meet Rachel: Our New Digital Content Specialist!

February 4, 2022

4 mins

Happy New Year! Is it even appropriate to say that when it’s somehow already February? The team at Cross & Crown is moving full speed ahead through the first months of 2022 with no threat of slowing down!

With momentum like this, changes and upgrades are around the corner, and that’s when we know it’s time to add to our team—our marketing team to be exact. Join us in getting to know Rachel!

Rachel is our new Digital Content Specialist. She is a Pennsylvania native with a love for baking, all things content creation—and her five cats.

What drew you to apply to Cross & Crown?

Once I saw the job posting, I checked out all the socials. I was very impressed by the quality of content I found and thought the culture would be a perfect fit! I look forward to exploring my creative side and expanding my knowledge into the world of digital marketing.

It’s a new year! What are your personal or professional goals?

Getting married and renovating our house and mill!

Tell us about your most favorite trip that you’ve ever taken.

Probably my most recent trip to Iceland in September 2021. We drove around the whole ring road and stayed in a different place every night. We saw a little bit of everything, beaches, volcanos, hot springs, fjords, waterfalls—and the countryside is so peaceful and beautiful.

What food best represents your personality and why?

A cupcake, because they’re sweet and cute and small—and I love to bake, so it seems fitting!

Are there any TV series that you’re into lately?

Recently, I’ve been into The Amazing Race. I’m also a big 90 Day Fiance watcher among many other reality shows. I watch a bit of everything and anything. I like a lot of documentaries and docuseries as well.

Do you have any hobbies or “secret” talents?

I’m a baker, and I’m good at hula hooping. I love creating things whether that be videos, crocheting, or embroidery.

We are so grateful for the knowledge and work ethic that Rachel brings to the table. We look forward to seeing how she will flourish and help make us the best that we can be!

We’re hiring! Our team is actively seeking qualified applicants for a full-time Project Manager and Web Developer. Apply today!

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