5 Different Types of Video Marketing to Boost Your Brand Awareness

December 1, 2023

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Imagine harnessing one of the most compelling forms of content that amplifies your brand’s voice and cements its position in the minds of consumers.

That’s the power of video content in today’s digital age. According to Wyzowl’s survey, 96% of marketers regard video as an indispensable part of their marketing strategy, and there’s a good reason for it.

Marketers leveraging video content attest that it skyrockets dwell time, drives traffic, amplifies leads, and elevates sales. And here’s the cherry on top: 92% of marketers swear by the impressive return on investment they reap from video.

With so many consumers thirsting for more online video content from brands, it’s clear that the video wave is here to stay. So, what types of video marketing can you use to ensure you ride this wave and elevate your brand’s presence? Explore five distinctive video types to amplify your brand awareness.

The Power of Video Marketing

In the bustling digital landscape, videos are the preferred content choice for most online users. Eight-three percent of users would rather watch a video than sift through text or listen to audio when seeking instructional or informational content. This affinity for video content has led to consumers allocating an average of 100 minutes daily to watch online videos.

But what makes videos so powerful in marketing? Video content provides an avenue for brands to distinguish themselves in saturated markets. They enhance brand retention and growth, playing a pivotal role in a brand’s success journey.

More than just a promotional tool, videos breathe life into brands, offering a human touch that transforms passive viewers into passionate brand champions. This dynamic nature of videos bolsters engagement and offers unparalleled returns.

When it comes to the bottom line, a remarkable 92% of marketers vouch for the profitable returns they achieve through video marketing. Going by these numbers, video marketing isn’t just another tool in the toolkit—it’s the powerhouse driving modern digital strategy.

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Types of Video Marketing to Help You Boost Your Brand Awareness

Here are the various types of videos that can magnify your brand awareness and shape its narrative:

1. Explainer Videos

Are you facing challenges in conveying your product’s value proposition succinctly? Here’s where explainer videos step in. These are concise, character-driven visuals tailored to illuminate your brand’s unique story and the solutions you offer.

Their innate strength lies in their ability to distill complex ideas into easily digestible content, effectively generating and nurturing leads. Statistics show that 96% of individuals admit to watching an explainer video to gain clarity about a product or service, with a significant 89% of them being influenced enough to make a purchase.

What makes explainer videos even more appealing is their cost-effective nature and impeccable mobile-friendliness. So, with these videos, you’re reaching your audience where they are with content tailored for optimal engagement.

2. Product Demonstration Videos

Product demonstration videos serve as a powerful bridge, connecting the benefits of your product or service directly to the needs and desires of your audience. These videos provide an in-depth visual walkthrough of product features, making the benefits tangible and easy to understand.

The magic of product demos lies in their ability to showcase not just the functionality but also the value of what you offer. By giving potential customers an up-close and personal view, you’re educating them and making them envision the experience of using your product. This demonstration simplifies the decision-making process for your customers.

At Cross & Crown, we have worked with clients to produce product demonstration videos that showcase their products and services in the best light possible. An example is Ink or Dye, who wanted to showcase their unique hair and tattoo services. Through our video production services, the business was able to reach new audiences in Centerville and beyond.


3. Brand Story Videos

In a marketplace saturated with generic promotions, what sets your brand apart isn’t just the quality of your products or services but the story you tell. Brand story videos are your golden ticket to encapsulating your brand’s identity, values, and the unique qualities that make you who you are.

These videos do more than just narrate; they elevate your brand’s narrative, contributing significantly to brand awareness and distinguishing you from competitors. But there’s an even deeper layer, as these videos showcase the human side of your brand. Through brand story videos, audiences can connect emotionally, understanding not just what you do but why you do it.

To truly capture the essence of your brand’s journey and ethos, consider Cross & Crown’s video production services. We will use our expertise to craft your brand story in a way that connects people to your brand and expands your digital reach. Check out this project with Roots Cut Flower Farm. We collaborated to tell the story of how the farm grows its flowers, harvests them, and distributes them to various stores, bringing their story to life on screen.


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4. Customer Testimonial Videos

Did you know that nine out of 10 individuals place more trust in the words of a fellow customer than the claims a business makes about itself? This statistic alone underscores the unmatched power of customer testimonial videos.

These videos encapsulate real experiences, offering both credibility and a genuine peek into the transformative journey your product or service offers. The authenticity radiating from a satisfied customer’s narrative carries an emotional resonance that written testimonials simply can’t match. This authentic connection, in turn, wields incredible influence, swaying potential customers to take the leap and invest in your offering. Check out this recent testimonial given by New Valley Bank, to see an example of how this can work for your brand.


5. Social Media Videos

Social media videos, designed as short-form and highly engaging visuals, are your ticket to instant brand recognition and audience connection. Unlike lengthy content, these bite-sized videos are tailored to the scrolling habits of today’s digital natives.

The true magic of social media videos lies in their vast reach, given that in 2023, there are already 4.9 billion social media users. You can tailor your videos to be shared across diverse platforms, leveraging each platform’s unique attributes and audience demographics.

As long as you’re creative and innovative in creating your social media videos, they are primed to generate buzz, spark engagement, and encourage shares. And when your content is shared, it amplifies brand awareness and fosters trust and loyalty among viewers.

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Importance of Professional Video Production

Now that you know the different types of videos essential for brand amplification, it’s time to start thinking about producing these videos. While you can certainly whip out your phone camera and record, it’s worth noting that the digital space is more discerning than ever.

In this era, where quality stands as a testament to credibility and professionalism, merely “good enough” won’t cut it. That’s why you should invest in professional video production services. Here are more compelling reasons why you should let professionals like Cross & Crown handle your marketing video production:

Making a Memorable Impression

Professional-looking videos instantly capture attention, ensuring your audience remains engaged and intrigued. The videos showcase attention to detail, artistry, and expertise that amateur recordings often lack.

For your brand, this means a higher chance of your content being recalled, shared, and acted upon. It’s the difference between a video skipped after a few seconds and one rewatched, discussed, and remembered.

Elevating Video Quality

While basic videos may convey information, professionally produced videos elevate the viewing experience, making your brand shine in its best light. Professional video production involves meticulous planning, state-of-the-art equipment, skilled cinematography, and refined post-production editing. Each element, from lighting to color grading, is fine-tuned to perfection.

Professionals will focus on optimizing sound quality, ensuring seamless transitions, and crafting a narrative that flows naturally. This elevated quality enhances the viewer’s experience and positions your brand as authoritative, polished, and dedicated to excellence.

Enhancing Brand Perception

When you opt for high-quality, professionally produced videos, you send a clear message: your brand values excellence and is committed to offering nothing but the best. Such videos exude sophistication and expertise that’s hard to replicate with basic recordings. They reflect a brand that’s thorough, trustworthy, and reliable.

Moreover, audiences often equate the quality of your content with the quality of your products or services. A top-tier video can position your brand as an industry frontrunner, amplifying trust and fostering consumer loyalty.

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Boost Your Brand Awareness With Professionally-Produced Marketing Videos

In digital marketing, videos have emerged as a formidable force for amplifying brand awareness, even more so than other strategies. Their engaging narratives and captivating visuals enhance brand perception and foster deeper connections with audiences. Whether it’s an explainer video, a product demo, or a heartfelt brand story, each video type uniquely elevates your brand’s presence.

At Cross & Crown, we believe in turning visions into visually compelling stories. When you choose to work with us for marketing videos, our dedicated team will start by delving deep into understanding your essence, ensuring every video resonates with your brand’s voice and message. We will also plan the production, including choosing the ideal location and then produce and edit the video to ensure the final content captivates and inspires.

Ready to elevate your brand’s voice in the market? Reach out and let’s talk about how our creative team can help to craft your story.

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