By now, there should be no surprise that strong video marketing is a huge boost to any business.

Whether you are focusing on branding, a big event on the horizon, a new product, or any of the other six types we recommend, videos are proven to be strong engagement and conversion tools. However, knowing when and where to position these helpful marketing tools in your conversion funnel is the other half of the equation.

Seeing the Big Picture

The bread and butter of web marketing consist of three main parts: Tofu, Mofu, and Bofu. These correspond respectively to the Top, Middle, and Bottom of your conversion funnel. Depending on where you want to focus your efforts, each of these stages are best paired with particular types of videos to get the highest conversion rates possible.

Cross & Crown can not only assist with producing effective and engaging film, but we can place them strategically in your overall marketing efforts too.


Videos to consider for the top of your funnel are those that explain and introduce some of the basic elements of your business. Cross & Crown specializes in branding and explainer videos that succeed in drawing in new prospects with clear and concise messaging. One great example is the work with Westminster Bookstore which succeeded in guiding new customers through some of the core processes of the business.

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Middle funnel videos are all about separating quality leads from the rest, and proving to this new audience how your products are distinguished from the rest. Cross & Crown product, testimonial, and interview videos are all good bets. The work we completed with South Mountain Partnership does just this, offering a behind the scenes look at our client that highlighted all that made them special.


A good strategy as you near the end of the conversion process to blur the line between Middle and Bottom funnel marketing is extending actionable offers to new leads who may be at different stages of the process. Whether you are looking to convince leads to make a call or place an order, Cross & Crown excels at making your message clear.

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